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Simple & Easy to Use

VIP Hair Color Shampoo is the easiest solution for all your  Hair dye problems. Be it a simple touch-up or periodic application, VIP gets it done in 15 minutes. Color any length of hair without the hassle of Bowl, Brush, or Staining.

No Ammonia | Low PPD | No gloves needed | Natural black & brown shades available.

Follow these 5-easy Steps to get your Hair Color DONE!

  1. Just wet your hands. Do not wet your hair 

  2. Take the shampoo in your palms & lather it

  3. Apply it to your hair and massage it evenly

  4. Keep the Shampoo on your hair for 15 minutes

  5. Wash off your hair

Note:Wash hands with-in 3 minutes

VIP hair colour shampoo - 400ml - 12 to 15 applications.jpg

How to Use

Get done in 15 minutes!

3-in-1 Hair Color + Shampoo + Conditioner. The best product you can find. Guaranteed


VIP Hair Color
(3 months pack)

Use for 8 - 10 applications every 3 weeks (for long hair). Will last twice as much for short length hair. Product shelf-life: 3 years

VIP Hair Colour 180ml - bottle.jpg


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